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Au·then·tic : real or genuine : not copied or false : true to one's own personality, spirit & character.

Authentic Voice works in small groups or private sessions to assure individual attention to each speaker. Group sessions are best done every 2-6 months so the changes Lina will help secure at each session have time to become a part of the speakers' authentic persona before taking them to their next step. 

This is not a formulaic, quick-fix. This is a permanent solution to not only nailing, but enjoying public speaking.


    Essentials:  Group Workshops. These are designed for like-leveled professionals from Entry Level to Intermediate/Junior Management. Lina helps the up-and-coming employees find the poise and confidence to present to any audience they’re likely to encounter.  4-6 people in either a 1 and 1/2 or 2 and 1/2 hour session.


    Executive: Group Workshops: For the more seasoned/experienced speaker, Lina guides them from their current level to the next elevation of effective communication. 2-6 people in a  2 or 3 hour session.


    Esquire:  Personal feedback, critiques and coaching. Even the most successful athletes have performance coaches. Lina prepares even the most seasoned speakers to be more poised, more personal and more prepared to tackle large and small audiences with genuine heart and complete aplomb. These are private sessions with time to be decided upon once we discuss your needs.


    ALL WORKSHOPS AND PRIVATE SESSIONS can be done either in person or online via ZOOM.

Please let us know what your needs are and we will help you customize Workshops that work for you. Call or email us for Workshop prices and to see when Lina will be in your city next. Prices may vary depending on travel times.


“This electrifying woman is the real thing” – Billboard Magazine



As a solo singer all of her adult life, Lina Koutrakos has had her share of public successes including rave reviews in The New York Times and Billboard magazine as well as headlining shows at NYC's premier venues. Though Lina’s reviews have applauded her “one-in-a-million voice,” it’s the continual raves about her stage presence, her honesty, truth-telling and power that have set her apart. Described as a “force of nature,” she started to offer other singers her techniques, sharing with them how she translated to audiences in a way that got her those particular accolades in the form of teaching and coaching. As a multi award-winning New York City director  her successes continued to grow in this area and she began traveling, teaching performance workshops for solo singers throughout the United States.

Business professionals kept asking her if she could do for them speaking-wise what she is uncannily instinctive at with singers. She found out very quickly that it is indeed exactly the same thing. As no two people are alike, how you communicate is unique and individual and based 100 percent on your real self - no matter what or who that is. You’ll have your target audience feeling safe and empowered themselves by using nothing but your authentic voice. Let Lina help you zero in on that and watch how that translates that to your clients.


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