If you are ready to make an impact as a public speaker, award-winning director and long-time performance coach Lina Koutrakos teaches how to communicate your message authentically and effectively to the professional.

After taking the New York City music scene by storm as a powerhouse vocalist—with rave reviews in The New York Times, Billboard Magazine, and other publications to her credit—Lina is now focused on sharing her “secret sauce” with business professionals including advertising executives, lawyers, salespeople, health care professionals 

and human resources teams. Lina's secret is surprisingly simple: be authentic.

Easier said than done. Lina’s coaching provides her time-tested tools and techniques, which apply to both speakers as well as singers, and allow you to be yourself even- and especially- when you’re in the spotlight. After years of live performances at New York City’s best music clubs, Lina has mastered the art of engaging and interacting with a crowd and even making unexpected moments work in her favor. She will help set you apart by allowing your genuine personality and passion to shine through in any setting.

Through Lina’s candid yet compassionate teaching style, you will gain confidence as you unlock the secrets of successfully delivering your message, understanding your audience, and making an indelible impression.


 Whether she works one-on-one, or in a group setting, Lina’s coaching is highly individualized and customized to each client’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses as a speaker. She provides an expert, insightful assessment of how you “translate” to your audience and shows how small adjustments can make a big impact.


 Depending on YOUR needs (strengths and/or weaknesses) her sessions will address various aspects of effectively delivering your message including technical things such as:

  • Diction

  • Intonation

  • Body language

  • Pacing

  • Nerves

  • Identifying and fixing vocal habits

  • Speech preparation tools and tips

  • How to listen, improvise and engage your audience in the moment

  • How to embrace your mistakes and make them work for you

And the more intricate and personal underlying building blocks of:

  • Shyness

  • Warmth

  • The human "touch"

  • Personal Relatability

  • Knowing what YOU have to offer and being confident that that is enough

  • Knowing your product

  • Your individual passion about what you are "selling"                                                                  

Please refer to our "Workshop" page for specifics.